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Putting Your Business Front and Centre in the Supply Chain Conversation: We actively highlight your services to procurement departments, ensuring you’re the name they remember.




We Open the Door and Make the Introductions,
Now it's up to you.

We understand the challenge of reaching the right contact in a large organisation. Our role is to open up lines of communication, ensuring you’re in the right place at the right time.


Your Custom Directory Listing is part of your membership package.


Our weekly newsletters deliver your business highlights directly to the desks of supply chain decision-makers.


We make sure your business is seen. More than just a spot in the directory, we have active conversations about your business.


Our way of boosting your business covers everything you need – simple and effective.

Tailored Campaign Spotlights:
Your business takes the stage in our weekly newsletters, ensuring your name reaches the desks of key procurement departments. Along with the latest News, Events & Trends.

Dynamic Social Presence:
We amplify your story across various platforms. From blog highlights to social media buzz, we create a resonance for your brand that echoes through the digital landscape.

Proactive Partnership Building:
Opportunities don’t just find you; we bring them to your doorstep. Our proactive engagement strategy puts you in direct contact with potential partners, opening doors to true possibilities.

What Package Best Suits Your Business Needs?

Ongoing Promotion & Showcase. Social Voice Branding.


Levelling Up Your Business for Growth & Opportunity.


Great Entry Level for Small Business or Consultants.

$99 pm

Benefits of Being a Member

The Western Trade Coast Business Directory Connecting Businesses to Big Industry in WA

Networking and Collaboration Hub
Discover and Connect with industry professionals and local businesses. We promote interactions and collaborations, fostering the exchange of ideas, resources, and opportunities. Join our thriving community and experience the power of networking for mutual growth and development within your industry.

Comprehensive and Reliable Business Listings
Find accurate and up-to-date information on local businesses, including contact details, operating hours, location, and services offered. Our platform is a trusted source for users seeking to connect with local businesses.

Champion of Local Economic Growth
Support local economies by connecting with businesses through our directory website. By promoting local businesses and facilitating partnerships with larger industry players, our platform drives growth and generates leads for a more robust local economy. Support local businesses, and contribute to a sustainable and economic community.

Discover and Connect with industry professionals and local businesses. We promote interactions and collaborations, fostering the exchange of ideas, resources, and opportunities. Join our thriving community and experience the power of networking for mutual growth and development within your industry.

At the Western Trade Coast Business Network, we understand the importance of reaching out to potential customers who may not even be aware of your business’s existence. That’s why listing your business on a directory that caters specifically to the Western Trade Coast could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

By becoming a member, you can directly target an audience that’s already looking for what you have to offer, which means that potential customers who are searching for businesses like yours will be more likely to find you.




Your Profile is designed to stand out and showcase your company, team skills, project experience.

This Showcase Landing Page fills in the gaps where your own website misses out. Tailoring the information specifically to your Industry target.

Do you have specialised equipment, skilled staff or something unique to your company that the Western Trade Coast industry, are always looking for?

Let’s highlight your best features!


A picture speaks a thousand words—let’s start the conversation!

Explore the array of visuals available to enhance your listing. With striking images that make your profile stand out, we also showcase your videos and include brochures, flyers, policies, and any other documents you wish to share.


 You are not on your own.

After you register, we tee up a time for your company interview. You provide the information, WE write up the content to get your message across, polish up your profile and target your industry.

You are then introduced to the WTCBN community via newsletters and social.

Your dedicated account manager is one of our team that all have business and industry experience.

Contact Us

For any questions about Membership or to understand what package is a right fit for your business, please get in touch. Call us or book a time for us to call you.


How do I add my business to the directory listing?

Very Easy. Just follow this link and select your package.

How can I update my business information on the directory?

Just send us an email with the relevant updates.

How long does it take for my business to appear on the directory after submission?

Once you sign up, we schedule an interview so we can complete your online profile. Usually within 7 days your Listing page goes live.

How do I cancel my registration or delete my business listing on the directory? Is there a refund?

Just email us with the date to delete your profile. Cancellations are non-refundable as the cost includes the details to build out your profile, not the time frame on the directory.

Can I add photos or videos to my business listing on the directory after it is live?

Gold and Platinum packages includes videos, Silver only has images. You can use your Credits to update your listing or add images.

There is something about the listing that I'm not happy about - what do I do?

Just email us and we can assist.

My business or service is unique and you don’t have my category – can you create this for me?

Absolutely! We go through the categories with you on your interview to make sure your Listing has the best opportunity to stand out.

Can I put my listing on the front page of your Directory?

Featured Listings are an additional cost to the Silver Package but are included in the Gold Package.

Can I review my listing before it is live?

Yes. You can approve or make changes prior to the Listing being public.

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